Products FAQs

  • Are all Post-it® paper products recyclable?

    Yes. 3M has conducted recycling trials on Post-it® Notes at recycled paper mills. The adhesive on the paper does not interfere with paper recycling because the adhesive is substantially removed in the paper deinking process. The dyes in the paper are removed in the deinking process.

    Are Post-it® Notes made from recycled paper?

    There are many colors and sizes of Post-it® Notes available with paper containing at least 30% postconsumer recycled content. In addition, 3M offers 100% recycled content notes in canary yellow and assorted pastel colors. The 100% recycled content notes contains 70% preconsumer and 30% postconsumer fiber. Post-it® Easel Pads are also available with 30% postconsumer content paper.

    Why doesn't 3M make all Post-it® Notes and Easel Pads with 100% recycled paper?

    There is a limited supply of recycled fiber from which new paper can be made. Even with maximum recycling, paper mills would not be able to sustain making paper with only recycled content. In fact, it has been estimated that if all printing and writing paper was made with recycled content, the maximum sustainable level would be less than 10% postconsumer content.

    Why should I buy recycled content products like Post-it® Recycled Notes?

    Recycling is an important strategy for diverting waste from overcrowded landfills. The collected paper is used as a raw material for making recycled paper, boxes, and tissue products. Recycling also protects forests by reducing the need for virgin fiber. But recycling means more than just collecting recyclable items. The three elements of recycling include the collection of waste, the manufacture of new products from recycled material and the purchase of these items. By purchasing recycled content products you help strengthen the market for those products, encourage new technologies and create more stable markets for the sale of materials separated from recycling. When you purchase recycled paper products, you're doing your part for the environment.

    Is the quality of Post-it® Recycled Notes the same as regular Post-it® Notes?

    Yes. The quality of Post-it® Recycled Notes is the same as our standard Post-it® Notes.

    What is 3M's environmental record?

    Since 1975, 3M's Pollution Prevention Pays, or 3P program, has prevented the generation of over 2.7 billion pounds of pollution. Since 1990, 3M has cut volatile organic air emissions by 95% and greenhouse gas emissions by 62%. In addition, 3M has been working to minimize waste through prevention, reuse, and recycling at its operations since the 1970s. In 2008, 3M recycled or reused 20 times more waste than it treated, disposed of in a landfill, or sent to a waste-to-energy facility.

    What is the difference between preconsumer waste and postconsumer waste?

    Preconsumer waste, also known as post industrial waste, is generally thought of as material diverted from the waste stream during a manufacturing process. This does not include the reutilization of materials such as rework, regrind or scrap generated in a process and is capable of being reclaimed in the same process that generated it. Postconsumer waste is generally thought of as waste paper generated at the home or in the office after it has served its intended use. For example, newspapers that are recycled after they have been read are considered to be postconsumer waste.

    What is the difference between recycled and recyclable?

    Recycled products must contain at least some materials that have been recovered or diverted from the solid waste stream either during the manufacturing process (preconsumer) and/or after consumer use (postconsumer). Recyclable means that the product can be collected, separated or otherwise recovered from the solid waste stream for reuse or the manufacture or assembly of another product or package through an established recycling program. Having recycled content does not necessarily mean the product is recyclable, although many paper products can be recycled through established recycling programs. Post-it® Notes and Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are recyclable.

    What does the recycle symbol mean?

    This symbol is called the Mobius Loop. It is a recycling symbol in the shape of three chasing arrows forming a triangle, and means that the product or packaging is manufactured using recycled materials, or that the product or packaging is recyclable, or to indicate the type of plastic used in the package. Information is often put in or around the Mobius Loop to show how much recycled content is present or what part of the package or product is recyclable.

    What is sustainability and what are the key sustainability attributes of Post-it® Products?

    A sustainable product is one that is produced, used and disposed of without depleting the earth's resources or damaging the environment. Attributes of sustainable products include using the responsible use of renewable resources, minimizing transportation to conserve fossil fuel, responsible manufacturing to reduce pollution, and recyclability of the product. The major component of Post-it® Notes and Post-it® Easel products is paper and paper is a renewable resource. All of the paper for Post-it® Notes is chain of custody certified. This means the source of supply has been reviewed by a third-party. Post-it® Notes sold in the U.S.A. are made in the U.S.A. Finally, the products are recyclable using home and office waste streams.

    What does Chain of Custody mean?

    Chain of custody paper comes from a well managed forest where all the trees are regrown after harvesting. Illegal logging is prohibited and old growth forest is protected from logging. Chain of Custody (CoC) is an externally audited system. It is a step-by-step accounting of the channel through which forest products are distributed from their forest of origin, through all production steps, to the final end product. It is used to trace and verify the origin and the percentage of certified wood fiber used in the final product.

    Are Post-it® Notes Chain of Custody Certified?

    All Post-it® Notes and Easel Pads are chain of custody certified by a third-party review system.

    What is sustainable forest management?

    Sustainable forest management is managing forest lands to meet the social, economic, and ecological and cultural needs of present and future generations. This means that trees cut are replanted or regrow naturally, animal habitat and water resources are protected so that the forest can survive, and thrive for generations to come.

    Who can I call with additional questions about Post-it® Notes and recyclability?

    Call the Office Supplies Division Information Line at 1-800-395-1223 for additional information about Post-it® Notes. Hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time.

  • I only have one tab on my memoboard—can I hide the tab?

    Yes. Right-click on the tab or corkboard and select Hide Tab from the pop-up menu. To restore the tab, right-click on the corkboard and select Show Tab from the pop-up menu.

  • How do I check that my subscription is working?

    Go to the Subscription tab on the Preferences dialog. Select the site that you are curious about and click on the Subscription Info button. The Check for notes now button will attempt to get you a note; if the server is not available, you will get an error message.

    How do I unsubscribe from a subscription website?

    Click on the Desktop Dispenser button and choose Tools. On the pop-up menu, choose Preferences... then select the Subscription tab. Highlight the subscription website you would like to remove and click on the Remove Subscription button.

    How do I receive subscription notes when I access the Internet through a proxy server?

    If you use a proxy server for Internet access, you must enter the address and port of the server in the Subscription tab on the Preferences dialog. (If your default browser is Internet Explorer, select Always use proxy settings from Internet Explorer. In most cases this will provide the correct settings.) Verify that you are correctly configured by clicking on the Test Settings button. Consult with your network administrator for the correct settings.

  • Only one image is appearing on the Bookmark Note.

    Currently, only one image can be created on a Bookmark Note.

    Some images are not being created on the note.

    Post-it® Digital Notes supports many Internet based image formats. If you find an image that is not supported, please send us a link to the page and a description of which image is not being displayed and we will address the issue in a future release.

    The Bookmark feature is not working within my web browser.

    The Bookmark feature is supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox internet browsers.

    When creating Bookmark notes in Windows Vista® operating system, I continually get a message asking to allow access to the clipboard.

    This message can be disabled from within Internet Explorer® browser. From the Internet Explore® menu bar, navigate to Tools-->Internet Options-->Security tab. Next, select "Internet" from the list of zones, then click the "Custom level..." button. Scroll down the list to the "Scripting" section and enable the "Allow programmatic clipboard access". Lastly, click the "OK" button to complete the change.

    I can't find the answer to my question. Who can I ask?

    You can contact Post-it® Digital Notes support for further assistance.

    Microsoft, Windows Vista, and Internet Explorer are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

    Firefox® is a trademark of Mozilla.

Post-it App FAQs

  • What is the Post-it® App, and what can it do for me?

    The Post-it® App is an application for your iOS® and Android™ devices that digitizes your handwritten square Post-it® Notes, seamlessly and easily. Simply capture handwritten Post-it® Notes with the camera or create new notes right on your device for those important reminders. Arrange, refine and organise notes and ideas on your boards anyway you see fit. Then share your organised boards with friends and co-workers, or export to your favourite applications and cloud services—including PowerPoint®, Excel®, PDF, Dropbox, iCloud (iOS® only) and plenty more.

    What is a Capture?

    A “Capture” is what we call the process of photographing multiple Post-it® Notes and then identifying each individual note so it can be recreated digitally.

    What is a Board?

    A “Board” is the display area for captured Post-it® Notes. Multiple Captures can be included in the same Board. Additionally, the Post-it® Notes within a Board can individually be moved around, grouped and edited.

    What devices are supported?

    The Post-it® App works with all devices running iOS® 12 or above on Apple® Devices and Android™ version 7 or above on Android™ devices. It is optimised for iPhone® X and newer as well as for iPad Pro®.

    Is there a desktop version of the app?

    Yes, the Post-it® App is available on Apple’s Mac® Platform for devices running macOS 10.15 Catalina or above. With iCloud Sync enabled your Post-it® Notes are automatically synced between your iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

    If you are seeking to use the app with other screens larger than your smartphone, the app runs great on iPad®, Android™ Tablets, Chromebooks and can be projected to Apple TV® using AirPlay®.

    Is there a guide, tutorial or tips for the app?

    Absolutely! Visit post-it.com.au/app to get all the latest information.

    What pens or markers works best with the app?

    High contrast content captures best so we recommend using dark coloured markers or felt tipped pens. The app also works great with Apple Pencil® and Samsung’s S Pen® for editing digital notes. The lighting in the room as well as the contrast between Post-it® Notes and the background also matters. Always capture in well-lit environments. If you have a light background such as a whiteboard, notes with stronger colours work best. If you have a dark background, lighter coloured notes work better.

    Does the Post-it® App work with all Post-it® Notes?

    Currently the Post-it® App is optimized for square Post-it® Notes. If you use other shapes, the app may still capture them, but they will be displayed as a square. This may result in the content of that note looking squished. If you are interested in support for capturing non-square notes, please drop us a line at postitapp@3m.com.

  • Is 3M able to view my captured content?

    3M is not able to view any of the content you capture with the app.

    Does the Post-it® App track any personal data?

    The Post-it® App does not use or track any personal or user-identifiable data. To view the complete 3M privacy policy, visit 3m.com.au/3M/en_AU/company-au/privacy-policy/.

    Why are you asking for my location?

    When you capture Post-it® Notes, you have the ability to tag the Capture with your location so that you can reference it later. If you give the app permission to access your location, the Capture view will show you where each capture was made. The location can also be seen when you export your Post-it® Notes as a PDF document, an Excel® spreadsheet or a PowerPoint® presentation. You can always change location permissions for the app through the Location Services on iOS® or App permission options on Android™, available in your device’s privacy settings.

  • Why are my boards not being synced to my other devices?

    For your boards to sync to other devices, make sure the following things are true:

    • You are logged in to iCloud using the same Apple ID on all of your devices
    • iCloud Drive is enabled in device Settings
    • iCloud is enabled for the Post-it® App in device Settings
    • iCloud Sync is enabled in the Post-it® App
    • You have internet access
    • You have available storage space on iCloud

    Why are icons appearing on my boards in the Grid View?

    If iCloud Sync is enabled on your Apple® devices, certain icons might appear to give you more information about your boards.

    • cloud icon The board has not yet been downloaded to your device. Tap the board to download it.
    • spinner icon The board is being downloaded to your device. Once downloaded you can view the notes in the Post-it® App.
    • cloud icon with exclamation point The board cannot be uploaded to iCloud. Make sure you have enough storage space available on iCloud.
    • exclamation point icon The board was updated on two different devices simultaneously and the changes are not in sync. Tap the board to pick which edits to keep.

    The Post-it® App keeps telling me boards haven’t been converted. What can I do?

    The first time you run version 2.2 of the Post-it® App on iPhone or iPad, your boards will be converted to a new file format that supports iCloud Sync. Do not quit the app and leave your phone on while files are being converted. If you see a warning message in the app that your boards have not yet been converted, you can always tap to retry. One of the reasons why the Post-it® App may not able to convert all your boards is that you do not enough available storage on your device. Manage your storage in device Settings to make space available and then retry the conversion.

    I get an error message saying my device doesn’t have enough storage. What can I do?

    The first time you run version 2.2 of the Post-it® App on iPhone or iPad, your boards will be converted to a new file format that supports iCloud Sync. Do not quit the app and leave your phone on while files are being converted. If you get an error message that says your device does not have enough storage, you need to free up storage space on your device before you can continue with the conversion of your boards.

    What is the difference between Tap and Touch-and-Hold in the app settings?

    Tap will let you take a photo instantly with just a tap of the finger. Touch-and-Hold requires you to press and hold the camera button for 2 seconds to process your Capture. The touch-and-hold option improves capture stability and image quality.

    Why are my captured notes being squished into squares?

    Currently, the Post-it® App is optimised for square Post-it® Notes. If you use other types, the app may still capture them, but they will be displayed as a square. This may result in the content of that note looking squished, but don’t worry, all of the originally captured detail is still there.

    How do I capture notes from an existing photo?

    Tap the + button and then the camera icon in the Post-it® App. The Capture Screen will open, activating the camera. Tap the landscape icon on the bottom right of the screen to access and select an existing photo on your device.

    My Capture Screen won’t rotate from landscape to portrait.

    You may have the screen orientation locked on your device. Check your device’s settings to make sure it is turned off.

    How do I review my Capture?

    On iOS®, in the Board View swipe right to left. On Android™, in the Board View tap the menu icon on the top left. You will see your original Capture of the notes.

    How do I get other content onto the Board?

    While the Post-it® App is optimized to capture square Post-it® Notes, it is possible to use the manual assist feature to capture additional content. With the original Capture View open, tap the content you wish to add. The Post-it® App will add a bounding box to the capture. You can drag the corners of the box to outline the content, then tap the Done icon to add it to the capture.

    How do I add a missed note?

    With your original Capture View open, simply tap any notes contained within the capture that are not outlined with a check mark in the image. When you return to your Board View, you will see your missing note added in a new group.

    How many Post-it® Notes can I capture at once?

    The Post-it® App’s ability to capture Post-it® Notes is dependent on the quality of your device’s camera — newer devices can capture more notes at the same time. All devices can capture at least 50 notes at once and oftentimes many more. Keep in mind that the more notes you capture at once the lower the resolution will be of each note.

    How much space do I need between the notes?

    We recommend keeping 5 mm between notes. Overlapping notes may require manual assist to capture.

    I can see my Post-it® Notes on the screen, but why can’t I take a photo?

    To help ensure quality and readability of note content, the Post-it® App will not take a photo if you are too far away from the notes you are trying to capture. The hints in the Camera View will guide you to move closer.

    Help! I can’t read the text on the notes that I am capturing…

    Try getting closer to the notes and making sure the camera is focused before capturing.

    How do I turn off hints?

    With the Post-it® App open, press the settings gear icon on the top of the screen. In the section Capture Hints, you will find the option to slide on or off the capture hints as well as the option to show or hide gridlines in the viewfinder. On iOS®, you will also see the option to enable or disable the app’s ability to prevent capture if the minimum conditions for a good capture are not being met.

    How do I capture an entire wall of notes?

    Tap the + icon in the Post-it® App and pick the camera option to activate the capture view. You can either try to capture the whole wall in one image or capture portions of the wall in sections if you want higher resolution notes. After you have created a Board with the first capture, you can tap + again directly from the Board to add additional captures. You will notice that every capture is automatically put into its own group, making organising easier.

    How do I get my notes into camera roll?

    Tap on an individual note to zoom. On iOS®, tap on the export icon then select "Save image". On Android™, pick one of the other export destinations to export a photo.

    Can I use a photo of Post-it® Notes taken with a camera in panoramic mode?

    No. Importing pictures taken in panoramic mode is not supported at this time.

  • Can I create digital notes with the Post-it® App?

    Yes. You can create digital Post-it® Notes and add content by drawing and typing. The note editor provides a number of note and marker colours for drawing and the ability to add typed text to a note, as well as options to change the colour of the Post-it® Note itself independent of the colour of your drawings and text.

    Can I edit captured notes as well as digital notes?

    Yes. The editor allows you to make changes to captured Post-it® Notes just as easily as digital ones.

  • Can I un-combine Boards?

    No, you cannot un-combine boards. Once they are combined, you are unable to divide them.

    How do I organise my notes on a Board?

    With the Post-it® App open, create a new Board by capturing notes or open an existing Board containing notes. Simply drag and drop any of the notes in and out of groups to reorganise the notes as you see fit.

    What is the difference between the different group layouts?

    In the Board View, when you tap on a group of notes, you will see three layout options depicted as icons. The first shows the notes as you captured them. The second will organise your notes into rows and columns. The third on the far right aligns the notes to fit the aspect of the group shape you have selected.

    Can I continue to organise my notes in PDF, Excel® and PowerPoint® file formats?

    Yes! Simply export your Board as one of the file types and open the exported file type to continue working with your notes in your favourite programs.

    How do I combine Boards?

    You have two options. In the Grid View, simply tap the Select button on the top right-hand side of the screen. Select all Boards you wish to combine and press the Combine button. Your selected Boards will be merged into one. On iOS®, you can also drag any of the Boards in the Grid View onto the Board you wish to combine. On Android™, you can press and hold on a board to select it, then select all other boards you wish to combine it with, and then tap on the Combine icon on the top right of the screen.

    How do I delete a Board?

    In the Grid View, simply tap on the Select button in the top right-hand side of the screen and then select the board you wish to delete. An icon of a trash can will appear. Tap that and select Delete Board.

    Can I highlight my most important Post-it® Notes in the App?

    Yes! On Android™ devices, you have the ability to “star” your most important notes. This will then place images of the starred notes in the Android™ home screen widget. This way, all you need to do is view your home screen to see your daily to-do’s, reminders or important thoughts. To star your notes, all you need to do is go into a Board, tap on an individual note, and tap the star icon in the lower right-hand corner. (Starred or favourited notes have temporarily been disabled on iOS® along with the “Today” screen widget. The feature will return in an upcoming release.)

  • How do I find a Board?

    On iOS®, in the Grid View, lightly swipe down to reveal the search box. On Android™, tap the search icon in the toolbar.

  • How do I export Boards from the Post-it® App?

    To export a board, either select it in the Grid view and tap the Share button or enter the board and tap the Share button there. This will bring up the Export Board options where you will first select an export format and then an export destination such as email, iMessage®, AirDrop® to another device, Dropbox, Google Drive™, etc.

    What is the Post-it® Board export format?

    The Post-it® Board export format creates a “.postit” file which can be opened in the Post-it® App on another device. It can be used to send boards to other people, e.g. over email, iMessage®, text message, or using AirDrop® on iOS®. Post-it® Boards can also be synced across all your Apple® devices with iCloud. See “What is iCloud Sync” to learn more.

    Can I save a Board to the cloud and open on a different device?

    You can save copies of boards to cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive™, and import them into the app on another device. Boards can also be synced across all your Apple® devices with iCloud. See “What is iCloud Sync” to learn more.

    What is iCloud Sync?

    With iCloud Sync you can keep notes and boards in sync across all your Apple® devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac (coming in October). This way a board you have captured on your iPhone will immediately be available on your iPad, and any change made on the iPad will sync right back to your other devices. In order to use iCloud Sync, you have to be logged in to iCloud using the same Apple ID on all of your devices. Make sure you have also enabled iCloud Sync in the Post-it® App.

  • How do I turn iCloud Sync on or off?

    You can enable and disable iCloud Sync in the Settings screen of the Post-it® App. With iCloud Sync enabled your notes and boards will be kept in sync across all your Apple® devices. If you disable iCloud Sync, changes to your notes and boards from that point onwards will only be stored locally on your device. You can change the iCloud Sync setting at any time in the Post-it® App.

    How do I select my default note colour for digital notes?

    In the settings view, tap on the “Default Note Colour” section. A colour menu will open, allowing you to select the default colour for digital notes.

    How do I create Siri® Shortcuts on iOS® devices in the Post-it® App?

    In the settings view, tap on “Siri® Shortcuts”. Within the Siri® Shortcuts menu, you can add Shortcuts to do the following: 1) Capture notes into a new board, 2) Create a note in a new board, 3) Capture notes into the latest board, 4) Create note in latest board, and 5) View last board. Simply hit the “+” sign then hit the red record button to record your new Siri® Shortcut.