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Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are ideal for vertical or hard-to-stick surfaces. Available in assorted bright colours and shapes, these sticky notes get noticed easily. Great for leaving notes or reminders on walls, doors, monitors or other surfaces.

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38mm x 50mm

38mm x 50mm Post-it Notes are great for carrying big thoughts on small notes whenever you want!

50mm x 50mm

These convenient 50mm x 50mm Post-it Notes are always within reach for everyday reminders.

76mm x 76mm

Express yourself in a rainbow of bright colours, 76mm x 76mm Post-it Notes are perfect for everyday use.

76mm x 127mm

These larger 76mm x 127mm Post-it Notes are great for longer notes to promote focus!

101mm x 101mm

Ideal for homes or offices, the practical 101mm x 101mm Post-it Notes are perfect for sharing great thoughts.

101mm x 152mm

101mm x 152mm Post-it Notes are great to track your daily to-do list and achieve your goals!

127mm x 203mm

The huge 127mm x 203mm Post-it Notes turn inspiration into big ideas, great on all surfaces and vertically!


*When compared to standard Post-it Notes