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Post-it® Teamwork Solutions 7 steps to adapt your project plan

Ignite Your Team’s Potential By Disrupting Groupthink

Effective brainstorming sessions encourage diverse ideas and solutions when planning projects and tackling challenges.

  • Whether you’re ideating ahead of a major project or making progress just weeks before launch, getting the right tools in your team’s hands is key. Utilising flexible writing surfaces is one way to increase interaction from your team. Post-it® Super Sticky Easel Pads and Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, for example, are blank canvases, perfect for writing ideas down and organising thoughts.

    One important look-out when you’re managing a team — avoiding Groupthink by asking productive questions:

     1. Ask for information and insight
    2. Get specific
    3. Keep it open-ended

Harvard Business School’s Amy Edmonson

See ideas from Harvard Business School’s Amy Edmonson on how to generate creative ideas from your team.

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