1. Teaching kids organisation: Start with what they love
Teaching kids organization: Start with what they love

Teaching kids organisation: Start with what they love

Help kids learn organisation skills by teaching them the basics through their extra-curricular activities.

  • Organisation skills can do a lot for kids. When it comes to school, organisation is essential for keeping track of homework, projects and study schedules. But that means organisation itself can feel like something of a chore for many kids. That’s why it can be helpful to teach your kids organisation skills by starting with hobbies and extra-curricular activities. Learning to organise something they love can help kids internalize good habits that they can later apply to school, work and life in general.


    There are three organisational requirements that most kids’ activities share, whether they’re sports, arts or technology-oriented: scheduling, materials and practice. Here’s how you can teach organisation through each one.


  • Scheduling

    Parents are usually the ones making sure kids get where they need to go on time, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t share some of the responsibility. Depending on the age of the child, lots of kids can at least contribute to the schedule, whether it’s something as simple as marking the next lesson or practice on the family calendar with a

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