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Using Post-it® Notes to re-imagine Post-it.com

Using Post-it® Notes to re-imagine Post-it.com.au

Information architect Heather Lindholm describes how she and her team re-construct the 3M site using Post-it® Notes.

  • "The entire layout of the site — before we did anything electronically — was constructed in Post-it® Notes."

  • When Heather Lindholm and her team of information architects at Straight Line Theory set about redesigning Post-it.com.au, they wanted the experience of what it's like to use Post-it® Notes to shine through.

  • "We wanted to tell the story of the Post-it® Brand. And we figured the best way to go about that was to use actual Post-it® Notes and products whenever we could."

  • According to Heather it was simply a more interesting way to approach the project.

  • "We had a lot of fun building the wireframes. We used all different sized Post-it® Notes for the categories and sub-categories before inputting everything into the software."

  • An Informational Architect at heart, Heather likes things as organised at home as she does in her work. "I just went on a trip to Japan and made my own travel guide using Post-it® Notes, Tabs and Flags to mark all the places and things I wanted to see."

  • "I'm a problem solver. I love making things easy for my clients' customers to understand. I think that's why I like Post-it® Notes so much. They keep it simple."

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