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Wedding planning, simplified

Wedding planning, simplified: How to get organised for your big day

Create a wedding binder with Post-it® Products to create a go-to place for all of your important wedding tasks.

  • The first thing to remember is to take a deep breath and realise that wedding planning isn't as impossible as it might seem. The trick to keeping on track of everything is to create a go-to spot where all your wedding stuff can live – and a wedding binder is the perfect place to do just that.

  • You'll need the following:

    A 3-ring binder
    Post-it® Tabs
    Post-it® Study Notebook Kit
    Lined paper punched with three holes
    Coloured paper in at least one colour, also punched with holes

  • First, stick your Post-it® Study Notebook Kit to the inside cover of your binder. Then, decide on what sections you'll need to set up – a good place to start is with the following:

  • Venue
    Wedding Party
    Guest List
    Food and Drink

  • For each section, grab a stack of lined paper, put a sheet of coloured paper on top and snap the whole stack into the binder. Write the name of the section on a Post-it® Tab, and stick it on the coloured paper so it's easily visible along the side of the binder. Make sure to stagger the tabs down the coloured sheets of paper for subsequent sections, so that they're easily visible.

    Write the section on a Post-it® Tab

  • Start each section with a list of what you need to figure out – for the venue, for example, label one page for your budget, one for your location, one for the number of guests, one for transportation, etc.

  • Once you're got each section filled out with the necessary pages, it's time to prioritize. Mark the things that need to be decided the quickest with Post-it® Arrow Flags so you know exactly where to look. When you've got those down, move your flags to the next set of priorities (or just choose a new colour and add more flags) – and so on until you've covered all your bases.

    Mark the things you need to decide the quickest with Post-it® Arrow Flags

  • Good luck – and remember, no matter what happens, you'll have a wonderful time.

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